The Favourites of the Month: March

Hello everyone!!! Happy new month! Happy April but let’s not forget about March. It was good month. Bought some new clothes to my trips and I decided to share them with you.

If you didn’t saw my post of the “February Favorites”, GO SEE, I still obsessed with almost all of those things but new month, new obsessions.

On  this month list you can find:

  • My new “hat” from CODE. Bought it on sales and only costed me 4 euros and I can’t to wait to wear it on my next trip.IMG_7262[1].JPG
  • My coat from CODE that looks exactly like a ZARA one but cost less that the double. Here there are both so you can see how look a like they are. (The Zara one is the one dressed by the model. And the CODE one is the other, obs).
  • Primark Mask made my Sundays. Just decided to buy it to try different ones and this one I actually good too.17016860_1268176816606668_4969969931209930178_o
  • LEFTIES! One of my favorites stores right now. This monthh bought there two jeans and they aren’t expensive but still look great and it’s very easy to fit in.IMG_7261[1]
  • This month did two more holes on my ear. And meanwhile looking for some new piercings found this pack of hoops and can’t stop wearing it.img_725511.jpg

Also bought a journal on primark and decided to put some collages from my old magazines. It cost me 3 euros but there are ones in there less expensive too.img_72571.jpg

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures but I lent my camera and had to take this ones with my phone.

And we are in the end of the post. Hope you had like my favorites and don’t forget to share with me yours too. Share with me all your thoughts.


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