The 10 Types of shoewear every girl should own

Spring is here!!!

What means summer is closer and we can’t wait for it. 

Over the past year I got myself not looking the age I have. Being 19 in my country still means you can rock your sneakers all the time but as soon as you change them for a ankle boots or something you receive a totally different approach that means you are starting to be treated as the age you have.

Thinking on this I decided to make this post about the shoes, us, Women should have and wear.

  1. A classic white sneakers- You can wear it with everything 

These will probably become the hardest working shoes in your closet because, seriously, you can wear it with literally everything. From boyfriend jeans and overalls to minidresses and midi skirts, a crisp pair of white sneaks adds a touch of  cool.

2. 3 Inch pumps

Yes 4 or 5 inch pump would do all kinds of favors in the legs department…but not if you can’t make it down the street in them. So this ones are good enough to wear it all day or night

3. Party Heels

Are heels the most practical item in your closet? No. Will you smile every time you use them on for a special occasion? Absolutely. They’re worth the splurge.

4. Wedges (or flatforms)- This ones are perfect for summer! 

They are comfortable enough to walk and dance for long periods of time, but it shouldn’t just be limited to the rope espadrille. Push trend boundaries with a funky new flatform or stick to the classics if you prefer.

5. Flat Sandals to Wear

They’re just easy to slide into but far more sophisticated and versatile. Pair your neutral or metallic ones with everything from casual shorts to a fancy lace dress.

6. Ballet Flats

I’m not the biggest fan of those but for the simple reason that we can put them in our bag is just a good reason to at least have one of those.And let’s not forget that they are also timeless and polished.

7. Rain Boots

Invest in a pair of water-resistant boots that resemble everyday shoes.Rainy days are a bummer, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to depressin too!

8. Flat Boots

Boot trends come and go but a slim knee-high will never make you look bad.

9. Ankle Boots With Stacked heel 

To wear with skinny jeans in the fall, or  with a skirt in the spring they will bring you a good edge of feminine.


They’re preppy without being in-your-face and come in a ton of colors, materials and varying levels of embellishmen.

Hope I was useful to all of you. Tell me all about your thoughts on this and the latest posts. Don’t forget to tell me what would you like me to post about 😉



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