Book Club: 5 Books Recommendation

have been more that a week since I posted but I’m so busy with all the study I have to do I didn’t managed to write anything. Even with the crazyness of life I managed to read two new books this weekend and gave me the idea of sharing with you some of my favorites so far.

Don’t worry next post will be posted as usually on Sundays and it will be about fashion again. Don’t get mad with this one be out of the subjet on the blog but we can’t always post the same stuff, right?!

let’s start with a classic one

  1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin

Resultado de imagem para pride and prejudice bookI’m sure you already heard about this book  even If it was only because you went to watch the movie with the amazing Keira Knigthley. Got to be honest, I saw the movie first. But I got so much in to the story and wishing to know more about the charachters that I went literally buy the book the day after watching the movie. And it was worth it!

The book portrays a family , The Bennets, who have five unmarried daughters. And in those days their main goals would be marry their girls with kind of rich guys. With arrival of new rich man in town the family goes crazy to manage to marry them together. Mr. Darcy finds himself increasingly attracted to Elizabeth’s charm and intelligence. Jane’s friendship with Mr. Bingley also start to get more envolved.  While strong characters carry the drama of the story, ludicrous personalities keep the reader entertained. Austen takes us through a series of twists and turns as  characters experience attraction, heartbreak, and passion. What is one to do in a society where status and prestige are valued more than true love?.

2. Confess, Colleen Hoover

transferirThis one was the last book a read. It just made my mind in the second chapter. It’s a book to read in only one day. You just can’t stop reading it to get to the end of the story. If reading is not your passion but you got an eye on the story you can see the tv show that will air in April.

The story tell us about an amazing artist, Owen, who desperately needs help in his work. Luckly or not, there is this girl, Auburn who pass by his studio everyday and who also need an extra money so she takes a risk and acept the job offer. After this day their lifes never were the same. Owen is keeping major secrets and the magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it. All he would have to do to save their relationship is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin.

3. Beastly, Alex Flinn


We can look to this book as an modern story of beauty and the beast and that’s okay. It’s never late to get a story modern and better.

Beastly is about a mean guy named Kyle who is cursed to become a beast by a well-meaning witch and how he breaks the curse through love.Because of an inadvertent act of kindness that Kyle did before the curse took effect, Kendra, the witch, tells him the secret to breaking the curse that he has to make a girl fall in love with his beastly self and kiss him as proof of her love.

When a drug addicted robber visits his mansion one night, he makes a deal with him that he will let him go if he brings his daughter to him. Kyle finds that the robber’s daughter is Linda, the receiver of his act of kindness. Linda, who dislikes Kyle initially because he kidnapped her, soon starts to warm up to him.

4. Wait for You, Jennifer L. Armentrout 


This is one those books that we read so well that even if the book doesn’t have a big boom that makes you love it you still liked it. So well written and easy to read. Nice story that make every girl wishing to have their own Cameron.

The author tell us the story of Avery Morgenstern that starts her first day of college by literally running into the hottie and player, Cameron Hamilton. He automatically sympathizes with her but Avery has secrets. Secrets that haunt her and impede any chance of her having a normal relationship. Avery arrived at college thousands of miles from home to escape a traumatic event but when she begins receiving hate emails and texts, Avery will have to make a difficult choice.

5. Grey, E. L. James


Knowing that you all know the story of this book I will not tell you the story. This book was the last one written by E.L.James and was also the last book I read of her. I wasn’t going to read it because I usually don’t read the second version of any book (the second pov) but I gave this book a chance and couldn’t be more happy for my choice.

I’m choosing this book to put on this list to tell you guys that on my opinion is a better version rather than the first one told by Anastasia. In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a fresh perspective of their romance. Also much more interersting because at the end we all know a little bit of how Anastasia could feel on that situation but Christian is the “different one” in the book so it makes it more rich by be able of getting in his mind.

This is a new type of articule that I would love to make a permanent thing on the blog, if you would like it. I got to be honest I already got a list of books to read and tell you guys about. Of this five books, I read them all, two of them I just read this weekend ( 2 and 4) and the first and the third are like two of my all time favorites. Hope you enjoy this type of articule too.

Don’t be shy, tell me all about your thoughts about the books. Have you read them? What are your favorites? Any recommendations? Anything, I will be here ;)!!!

And don’t forget to tell me if you give me a tumbs up or down for this type of articule!!

ps: yes, I’m using youtube words ahah









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