5 online stores to shop from

Happy Sunday everyone!

I always forget to wish you that and I only understood that now. Sorry. Anyway hope you had an amazing weekend and wish you a fast week ahah. The good thing about Sunday’s are our posts, tell the truth 😉 but also netflix and chill of course!

I just put together five online stores that I follow and that I think you will like to know about them. From coats to swimwear, you can find it in this top 5.

This five are only five of a lot of amazing online stores out there. If you would like to recommend any or want more recommendations tell me and We wil share them.

The First one I’m going to talk about I believe to be very known by some of you. Some celebrities like Hailey Baldwin are now using this brand and I wish I was too. Here is all about the Shoe Game!

1.Public Desire



babes in this store you can have discounts from 10% to 20% and they have the biggest trends of the moment but it’s not that big expensive on reality! In there everything goes from 5.00 £ to 39.99 £. Here is some of the shoes i like the most from their brand:

The second one It’s the reality of Instagram brands that make us go insane wit their amazing clothes!



Alice takes a trip was born in 2006 and founded by sisters Claire & Lauren Middleton. Starting off as a small boutique the label has grown from strength to strength and now Alice is stocked worldwide. Here is some of my favourites:

For their clothes I go DEAD!

This third one is maybe the most known for all of you. The only have bags but the ones they have are definitly the cutest fashionable ones.

3.Pop and Suki


I’m such a big fan of this brand. I still haven’t got one bag beacause I can’t join money to buy it. I’m always spend it on others stores insted. This is a brand made by two bestfriends to all the bestfriends in the world. And even if you don’t want to share it with anyone that’s okay! Here is some of them best items:

The forth one is another amazing portuguese brand that I want to share with you.

4. Cynthiaclothing


This one have a little bit of everything, from amazing coats, swimwear and dresses to die for. Here is some of my favorite things from their store:

Literally obsessed with this three!

This fifth one brings all the coachella vibes. It’s all about the boho style!



On theire store you can’t only find the best boho outfits but everything you need to make the whole outfit happen. See here some of their best items:


You can find them all on social media (facebook, instagram) and all of them have their website. Just google it or instagram it 😉

Hope you like this five I choosed and you can always share your favorites too. Let me know if you would lik me to share more brands like this ones. Xoxo babes


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