The 00’s fashion represented by ‘The O.C.’

Being my follower on instagram you most know how I love this tv show and with the 10 years anniversary of the last episode went to air I decided to remind you all what the 2000’s clothes were like.

Don’t be embaressed we all had that style too!

To all the fashion lovers that like to watch tv series even with all the romance and friendship We actually put a big reference on the characters outfits. Gossip Girl were all about chic NYC style and of course Sex & the City were basically life goals, The O.C had us pining for that cool, Cali-girl look.

Between Marissa Cooper in her jean skirts and knit shrugs to Summer Roberts rocking the heck out of a Wonder Woman costume, we’ll never forget all the hits of that cast that today represent what We were all dressing on early’s 00’s.

  1. There Were Plenty of Aughts Outfits
  2. were-plenty-aughts-outfits




It was all about Hip-hugging styles





  1. Preppy argyle sweaters



Remember when this was a




    3.Polos, head scarves, and messenger bags



Are you the mail man?





4.There Was a Ton of Formal Outfit Inspiration





When in doubt, wear some gloves and a flower in your hair. It’s the early ’00s way.





5.Printed and flowy for prom





Only Summer Roberts





6.This embellished headband




Who hadn’t had one?!




7. Hoop Earrings




Didn’t you knew that the trends are cyclic?




8. Embroidery Hats




I don’t know how could someone use it!




9. Festive Sweaters





We all have that friend or uncle who loves this one. But they are really cute, actually



10. The 00’s had their Edge clothes too



Look at Olivia Olive rock outfits and hairstyles on the show








11.And polished looks were a thing too, don’t worry











12. Waist-cinching belt





Kirsten was always a fashion-forward mom, especially with this waist-cinching belt.





13.Ballet flats





I personally hate this type but I think that is becoming a thing again





14.  T-shirts over long sleeves




And we can never forget when guys dressed like this?






15.Open button-down with a tank underneath.




This is not sexy okay?!




16. Ryan’s necklace



can we talk about this type of neckaces for boys?! I remember that my brother used to have one.When He tought he was good at surf ahah




This were some of the most “funny” fashion moments of the 00’s era. But let’s be honest most of them are acctually not that bad. It depends on the way you see things. Joking, I really like the vibe of this cast outfits. Sharing group pictures so you can see how well dressed they were:


Yup, they looked terrible in the most of the pictures but let’s no forget that some trends at time where different and that’s the fun on of the fashion. And like I’m always saying trends are cyclic and who know’s If our kids won’t dress like this at some point.

Hope you liked this post. Wanted to do a thing more light because I already posted yesterday but wanted to be good as usually and came with this idea and hope you guys liked it.

Let me know based on your opinion:

  1. The cast with the best outfits
  2. Most stylish character
  3. The 00’s trend you wanted to came back and the one you would hate

Tell me all about it, xoxo gossip girl

joking, of course that is xoxo, VITBC



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