The favorites of the Month: February

Hello everyone first of all I want to say sorry for not posting for two weeks now but I have to study for this big exam that I will have and between that and other stuff I wasn’t able to write here. But let me tell you that I will give you an extra post this weekend.

Now that I already told you the reason why I was off the blog, let’s talk about the month.  It’s that time where I share with you my favourites. February was a good month but the truth is that I don’t have as many obsessions as I had last month.

If you saw my post of the “January Favorites” and if you haven’t, GO SEE, I still obsessed with almost all of those things but new month, new obsessions.

On my list this month you can find:

  • High Collar Sweaters

I used to hate this one’s because I felt I was strangle but I decided to use one from my mum and next thing I know I was obsessed with them. Like can I have it in all colours ahah. I’m really being honest like I even took the light pink one over my gym clothes. Here are some pictures: (Yes, it’s me)

  • My Pull&Bear Black boots

I always was obsessed with them since I bought it but this month I definitely used them a lot to go out at night. My feet stayed very hurt every time but you know women have to make this kind of effort. Even if on my country all the girls can go out with tennis we all look prettier with heels.


  • Zara Belt

This one was the most expensive belt I ever bought like this one have to be used for like 20 years ahah. Bought it on Zara for 20 Euros and its very stylish and goes with every type of jeans. (On my pictures above)

– Garnier SkinActiveBack in January Garnier was already a most have brand with the micellar water but the brand continue to innovate their products and this time I want to recommend you the Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask.


– Black Dots Mask

I’m literally the worst girl ever because I don’t understand all this type of things. I can’t recognize them or anything close. I’m a disaster but I put on my head that I may have some on my nose so decided to buy a mask. And this one was on sales and was recommended as one of the best unknown products. Not sure if you can find this one exactly but that doesn’t matter. Buy the one you think its best or you can afford.fullsizerender-2

– Necklace This one is another of “mine” collection. You can’t find it exactly on a store but you can make it. All that I did was put 4 necklaces together. I put together a chain with pendants: a little angel, a mum and dad and a star because I love stars. You can do that to, join old pendants and make your special necklace just like me 😉


February Recommendations

 -Go watch “Riverdale” from Netflix. It has like 5 episodes but it’s a really good show. Whenever an episode ends I wish to have another to watch. It brings like a Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars vibe;


– Fifty Shades Darker! February was FSD moth too. I was expecting more of this movie because this volume of the collection is my favourite but it’s still very good to watch. And if you want to go far than that you can read all the books. On my opinion the second book and the Grey version on the first are the best ones.


And we are in the end of the post. Hope you had like my favorites and don’t forget to share with me yours too.

And don’t forget tomorrow there is another post on the blog!!!



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