The favorites of the Month: January

New year, new articules theme! The other day I was thinking about what could I do to renovate the blog and bring fresh air. Suddenly this idea came to me very fast. All because I used to watch Zoella videos and she used to do this tag on her videos and I loved it.

Since this is not a video on YouTube it will be a little different. Every last week of the month I join a couple of things (clothes, make-up, foods, places, books, looks ,movies, tv shows..) and share with you. And be free to share yours with me too. 

Let me just say that even If I won’t say it on the posts black jeans, leather jacket and my adidas superstar will always be on that list. I just can’t really live without them but they are so normal on every month that I choosed not to nominate them every post.

Okay I just made my list of this month and on it I have: 

-My new boots from Zara. Bought them on sales and after that I couldn’t stop using it. I think I pay less 20€ that was suppose.


-My Silver Shampoo from L’Oréal and I can’t live without for two months now. I use it because it makes my hair more shinny and don’t let my hair stay with a bad color (that horrible yellow).


-The last Christmas my mom gave me a piece of jewelry. A necklace with a cross. And I’m wearing it like 4 days per week. Like obsessed ahah. I use it as long and short necklace and even put a choker with it sometimes.


-On the start of New Year I was wearing a dress from Zara that I loved since the first time I saw it. And if you are worried about going bra-less don’t be go to Intimissi and buy their Silvia One-Piece Microfibre Push-Up Bra.It’s amazing! Wasn’t in a good way so have no pictures to show you but here is it on a model.

-You probably already heard about this one. The Micellar Water from Garnier. There are three new options. I only have one of the three because on my opinion they will probably do the same and you need too choose the perfect one to your skin. But go see all the details of the three and choose your favorite. I have the Pink one.


-Before the end of 2016 bought this bag at Zara and took it to my trip to Madeira and couldn’t stop wearing it since then. It goes well with almost every outfit and being small make it more easy to hang out.

-This one I also bought it on 2016 but was definitely one of my favorites in January 2017. The fur coat is from Bershka and only costs 40€.


-With this horrible weather my favorite beanie from Parfois was always on my bag 


Plus January Recommendations:

-Buy matcha tea

-Go to Madeira, Portugal 

-Listen to Ed Sheeran new songs 

-Start watch “The OA” and “Riverdale” tv series from Netflix 

-Watch “SKAM” the norueguen tv show. It’s amazing. I already saw the 2/3 seasons three times this month and only one time the last season cuz it’s the least favorite

-See the movie “La La Land”. It bring such an amazing old vibes that makes the movie epic

-Do Volunteer

And We got to the end of the first “My Favorites of January”. It’s actually more difficult to choose this things than I though. There are a lot of things we are obsessed for a month and We don’t even realize. 

Hope you like this new fresh air on the blog posts. And don’t forget to share with me your favorites from January. 


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