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After all the crazyness around writing the last post about the new supermodels and other topics I got to refer the Fashion Bloggers but didn’t put them in any group on that articule. Letting others guessing of what for me this group was since I told you I don’t join them with insta-girls.

Made some research to be the closest I could with the reality on this especific group. As I always thought their life is more than a plum job where you have designer clothes, invites and access, jetsetting to the most instagrammable destinations. And who proved me I was right (not really needed them to know I was right but You know what I mean) was  The Atlantic new study about the “reality and what’s seen of fashion blogging” where they gave fouco to 38 top-ranked female bloggers to find the hard truth.

Bloggers work for many hours to start making creative busisnes like creating a personal brand, than they need to maintain it so they can keep their fans and sponsors. Including that they need to make sure they are paid considering that sometimes there are someone else who offer to do the same but for free.

According to the study made by Brooke Duffy and Emily Hund from Temple University plus Pennsylvlvanis’s Communication school, bloggers work between 80-100hours per week. Without counting the permenent online status on social media because if they decide to take some time off their site,  it will freak their followers out. Believe I heard that that happened with Nicole Warne. As well as her fellow Zanita Whittington once said “Having to be constantly present is literally the worst thing about working in social media. I don’t really dare to research into it — ignorance is bliss! — but I’m sure it’s bad for my mental health”.

As everythng in life this job have his side effects, working hard but making it look easy goes above and beyond what’s expeted in most jobs. To just starting to getting followers to mantain them. It’s a bit different story. Every blogger need to inovate the most they can on the least space of time they can and that’s not easy. So if you think that choosing one filter and the caption for your insta was difficult just imagine this. Everyday they say hello to more 1,000 new competition what makes difficult to get the brands partnerships.

The study found fashion blogging to be “a bellwether for the changing nature of consumerism and self-expression in the digital era”. The fact is that fashion blogging is becoming more validated as a carrer as many people are calling themselves bloggers now.

On my point of view this bad side of the story is obviously truth but I let my self believe, I mean on my opinion, they do it because they wanted it and still want. They worked their ass off to be where they are and let’s be honest if you want to be well classified in your work be that what it is you need to work really hard. And to pervent to be replaced you need to get better and better till you can be more relaxed because it’s just your job. So believe that: first they wished that so much that if they really love do what they do is like playgrouund and second if they don’t as soon as they can they should just quit. How much I wish to could get a job where I could see clothes and choose the best ones to form outfits and be able to write about them. At the end of the day I would be exausted of course as anyone but till I closed my eyes thinking of how I’m passionated about my work I would never really give up but if I thought that I wasn’t really happy and passionated about it I would give up as soon as I would get another “good” job. But It’s just me saying with 19 years old and I know I don’t know nothing about life but it’s just how I think now and hope to keep thinking. And with this I wanted to remember you that one of the reason why many people wish to become bloggers aren’t really about the clothes and the really base of fashion yet all they want is to become famous and start a hollywood kind of lifestyle.

Being passionated with clothes and everything about fashion as I’m ( I believe I getting more and more everyday. Specially because of this blog and insta) I get sad because of the reasons of this people not being for the best reason and seeing many people who really enjoy it for what it is and representes not being recognised is just sad.

On top of all it’s the career almost every girl wish and is trying since the past two/three years and I say hurray to that because we are on a era of technology  and using internet to get our business done is not news to anyone and I’m glad fashion is getting technlogic with the pass of the years.

Here is 9 of the most influencial style bloggers in 2016:




The 29 years old, -italian based in Los Angels is right in the first spot on the list. Have more than 5.6 milian instagram followers, 1.2 on facebook subscrivers and one of the most popular websites in U.S and Italy. These days, she makes the bulk of her money through her growing shoe line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, which has sold  at 300 retailers around the world and brought in $10 million last year. In 2016, she’s set to open her own store in Milan and launch an e-store at Ferragni was also recently named a global ambassador of Pantene and is the face of Amazon Fashion in Europe. She has appeared on more than 25 international magazine covers.








Aimee Song an 29 years old interior designer with a casual sense of style, was one of the first bloggers to rise to celebrity.  With 3.4 million Instagram followers, solid website traffic, a popular Pinterest page and a strong YouTube presence. She also has small apparel and jewelry lines.








When this 22-year-old Swiss model/blogger was named a brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris in October.  With more than 2 million subscribers, Kristina Bazan boasts the highest Facebook following of any blogger on this list, and has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers. She’s also beloved by high-end brands like Dior, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.









An 29 year old girl based in london but birth from Span.Model/blogger/DJ have already launched her own clothing line, done in collaboration with her uncle, Spanish designer Adolfo Domínguez. Her highly trafficked website and strong presence onsocial mediahave helped land her in campaigns with Loewe, H&M and Mango, among others.









From Sydney, Australia, Nicole Warne first launched Gary Pepper Girl as an e-commerce site for vintage wares in 2009, for which she would model and write. In 2011, she said goodbye to her e-comm business and turned her attention full-time to blogging, scoring covers for Lucky, Elle Australia, Nylon and Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, and collaborating with such prestigious names as Chanel, Valentino and Chopard along the way.




and other names like:

Negin Mirsalehi, Wendy Nguyen, Susie Lau, Bryan Grey Yambao



Hope you liked this post.  I will post another one that I’m making with my instagram bestie (since I started VITBC insta) in the midle of the week. I hope we can end it about that time. She’s on vation and I had a huge exam so we couldn’t made it sooner. And by the end of the month right on next Sunday (post day) I will post another. With a new theme that will be post every last sunday of the month. And it will be called: The Favorites of the Month: January.




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