The Instagram Model Generation

 In the twenty-one century everyone has the right to give their opinion about everything. And this specific topic is not different. Each person have their own opinion about it. So while reading this if there is anything you don’t agree with be free to share your opinion with us but do not came to criticise anyone or any opinion. When I was asked to talk about this one I understood that what they wanted me to talk about was about The New Supermodels but on my opinion there are two big groups on this new models generation thing and both need to be talked about.

From designers to teenagers people discuss why insta-girls are becoming the new girls to look up to. Having a huge number of followers on social media this days can bring a lot of good things to the person. It’s not news to anyone that their life can change for a simple number in their website. Brands start to give attention to those making them their new faces in campaigns or just giving them some clothes to share. It’s actually an awesome way of living. I mean receiving free clothes and only have to make couples of posts is unbelievable good. Sometimes even make people travel and see new cities and countries. It’s a dream come true. Another good thing about this is showing to all the girls/boys in the world that everyone can be a “model” to the girls on instagram to the agency girls. Otherwise Instagram went from showing what we were eating to show our lives. Nowadays is something like “Keeping up with Instagram” where everyone shows every single second of their life. Especially these girls that have deals with instagram brands or even brand houses. Where they  have to public a lot of good pictures to make the followers buy it. After that the girl stops to be the girl on instagram immediately. There are people that are now starting huge professional careers because they had the opportunity to start with little brands. Most of this people have what are called the perfect image to be a model or sometimes just to be commercial. What we have to look up to when we are seeing all those amazing pictures of that beautiful girl or boy is that they are humans too and that our instagram doesn’t look like theirs because we are not being paid or even controlled by any brand. What real happen is that only  1 in 100 people become huge on being an Instagram star and the rest 98 start to not appreciate life as they should. Let me show you these two examples. The first is Alexis Ren. Not sure if she really started on instagram but I believe she did (I’m not really a fan of her so I’m not sure) but let supposed she started there. In the start she had an awesome image, “perfect” body and a boyfriend every girl would want. Through the years she started to have bigger and better works that send her to others opportunities. For only seeing her social media we start to wish to have a life like hers because it looks perfect. But what we never see is what Essena O’Neill decided to tell the world in 2015. O’Neill showed that what we could see on her instagram wasn’t the reality of her life. Every post she was making was a bad experience to her. She needed to look perfect, happy and everything that could make her followers to buy the clothes or go to that place. The saddest thing of this is that people are really getting hurt not only the models but also the followers. Everyone need to have limits and understand that the reality is not on our social media but in front of us. Of course I love to see all that amazing accounts of models with amazing body’s on fantastic trips but I also have the notion that “Not even the girl in the picture looks like the girl in the picture”. And for that we all must find our balance and not be swallowed for a reality that doesn’t exist.

Let me just say that on my opinion insta-girls are not the same as bloggers. Both have similarities and differences. But that’s another topic to another post. Ahah

And now the other group that makes everyone crazy online. The New Supermodels.  This term became prominent in the popular culture of the 80’s and since then that have taken models life to another level. The term is for models that are highly paid and have a worldwide reputation and an often background in haute couture and commercial modelling. There is no doubt that this is the term every model works their whole life to achieve. These days have been a very popular issue in the industry. Some old Supermodels don’t agree with some opinions about some models being the new generation of supermodels. With the pass of years the term “supermodel” has been changed from the era of Twiggy in 67’ to nowadays. The 90’s bought a whole new era. The era of the “Big Six” term that was created to a restrict group of models that were changing the whole concept of being a supermodels. On that group you could find Campbell, Crawford, Evangelista, Turlington, Schiffer and Moss. With the end of that era and the heroin chic was time to bring a new fresh air to the industry and the one that was capable of doing that was Gisele Bundchen. The woman who changed the game to the whole definition of model. Many where the models that tried their best to follow her steps and names like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio joined to Gisele. When Supermodels like Heidi  Klum and Tyra Banks started careers on reality shows new models were being introduced to the supermodel status. Knowing the whole concept of Supermodel one of the many things that they have in common is having multimillion-dollar contracts and no one better than the brand Victoria Secret to giving them. There’s no secret to anyone that this brand have been helping to create some of the biggest supermodels we. And that’s the reason why every model wish to become a Victoria Secret Angel. It’s more than a brand is a whole world with open doors. In addition to the names said before these models have been also included in the status: Miranda Kerr, Selita Ebanks, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Doutzen Kroes, Coco Rocha, James King, Chanel Iman between others. And like I said before era’s change the game and that was what happen when the It-girls arrived to the fashion industry. This new generation with names as Cara Delevingne, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Barbara Palvin, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, Josephine Skriver and Sara Sampaio have developed their own unique model-personalities trough social media. First of all let’s agree that if the fashion didn’t changed every season it would all became very boring and that’s basically the same with models. Every era have their trends and model generation. Then it’s okay to have the it-girls generation it doesn’t mean that they are all the next supermodels so let’s take it easy with them. On my opinion and that count what it counts to be a supermodel as Claudia Schiffer once said  “…must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognize the girls.” and not their followers on social media. So to consider a model a supermodel is a lot of things to analyse first. To be really honest this is only happening because we are in the era of consumerism. This day’s brands and magazines are only worried about selling and if that means putting the people everyone likes to represent them even if they aren’t the most qualified people they do it and that are the saddest thing of what the industry is becoming. And we can totally see that by choosing a couple of models and analyse their works through the years. Let’s go with Sara Sampaio who I’m a big admire for being where she is and starting from nowhere. She has been working her ass off to be accepted by designers and then she arrives there and smashes it up. She’s getting bigger and bigger and let me tell you that are not by her followers on instagram. She is one model in one side of the story. Right the other side we have models that are stars known by the world and those are the models that have more followers on social media. Yes, I’m getting to the point you all wanted me to talk about. Kendall Jenner along with the Hadid sisters are in this second side. But let’s not put them in the same bag. On my point of view (and let me say that I’m a big fan of the whole Kardashian clan) she’s not supermodel quality. Kendall have the body and is pretty but there is something on her that is off. Of course there are works of her that I like and those are the reason why I say she should stay by the editorials or commercial zone because on the rest she’s more of the same and is not progressing like the normal model path. She was more talked about recently by her VS Show presence and I was actually okay with her being on the list because on my opinion on that show almost all the models need their second chance to prove themselves. On the first show is normal you may not be very good because it takes a lot to be able to do it but on second you are in or you are off and for me Kendall Jenner proved that she shouldn’t came back to the show. Otherwise Gigi hadid proved all the year and showed that she can be better and as hard working as the others. She had a good first show and then she came to the second one much stronger and she did it very good. I wouldn’t mind to see her there this year. And when it came’s to her being a potential new supermodel I believe on that. All that she needs are more years like this one. The year was hers. She was everywhere to be and made everyone knows her name and that’s Supers quality! Together on this industry with her sister is Bella Hadid that started a little after her sister and as many time pass she’s getting bigger. I actually adore Bella. On my opinion she’s even better than Gigi and she can have the supers quality if the world don’t take to serious that already exist one Hadid girl in the industry. I also believe that she is underrated because of her sister. She is perfect for high fashion and I didn’t dislike her for example on VS even if she has a lot to improve. She may be only starting but I think it was a very good start for her. And I hope she goes far. Plus is only the start of this generation and the models ahead will be similar or will have more reviews like this. Every year there are models that are considerated new Supermodels and sometimes the old ones don’t appreciate this new generation but they need to understand that this is fashion!

With the whole thing I’m seeing I believe that models like Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prisloo, Karlie Kloss (obviously this 3. Not sure if they’re already considerated), Anne Ewers,Lara Stone, Liu Wen, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Haddid sisters, Stella Maxwell (KM vibes), Lily Rose Depp, Joan Smalls and Ashley Graham will be considerated Supermodels at sometime.

The “new models” that I believe that will turn/ are already turning new amazing models are Lais Oliveira, Grace Elizabeth, Georgia Fowler, Imaan Hammam, Camille Rowe, Bridget Malcolm, Megan Williams, Devon Windor… between others good models

With this I want to thank to people who gave me topics and good ideas to talk about! Another big thank you to everyone that follow my blog. A big thank you for one account (Mostprettyangels on insta) that have been supporting me a lot. Also want to say sorry for the ones that were waiting for the post in the afternoon but then something happened. I even cried because that was a post from another level and I’m so sorry you guys can’t read it. I made the best I can in this two hours to try to make something close to what I did this last week. Even I know that the other one was better but I still need to post this one!

Thank you to the people that read the first one I posted today that had barely 10 lines because it only had the main ideas. With time I will rewrite this post and make it as good as the one I losted.

Don’t forget to tell me all your opinions my babies!!!!



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