Bring your PJ’s Out

This is for my neighbors understand that when I walk my dog in my Pj’s is actually a new trend and not because I will be back to my bed. Joking my neighbors doesn’t read my blog.  Obviously!

This is a new trend that is still being received very slowly in the world. I say this because the only people I see doing it are celebrity’s or big bloggers. 

Not sure but I believe it all started at the end of 2015 or in the early 2016. I also believe that this is a very sophisticated trend but will not be worldwide unless everyone takes the dog walking to another level. Witch I don’t think can happen.

This is one of those trends that only the people that are spotted for the media ussually use. It’s a different type of outfit that can still be sophisticated and on trends. Obviously aren’t the normal pijamas the world were go to bed and you can clearly see the difference just by look at them.

In my opinion I wouldn’t use this trend unless I was always traveling on plains and in that case I would buy some cool pjs and put with some tennis to be as comfortable as I could. Rather than that I don’t see me going to buy one of those to go to the supermarket or the mall or even to see my friends somewhere. 

For this I really like to see all the outfits that are composed by this new trend and I appreciate all the amazing looks celebrity’s use and I can post on instagram but is not a trend I would recommend to someone who have a “normal” life like me. But everyone have their style and likes so I’m also hands up to everyone that decide to use this trend. 

Here is some of the looks I saw with the “let’s making our sleep wear our new street style” message:


As you can see on the pictures above there is a big similarity among all.  All made with the same fabric and with the same design.

So tell me all your thoughts on this trend. You give a thumbs up or down? Would you use or think you could use?


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